Sunday, June 19, 2011

On Vacation: Turks & Caicos

I haven't posted in a few days.  I'm definitely behind on my goal to blog things every day, but alas...there's not really much going on when you're on a beach retreat in the Caribbean; Turks and Caicos to be exact!

As I mentioned right when I started this blog, I've been trying to take a healthier approach to life, including both my job prospectus and how I care for my body, both what I put in my mouth, and my exercise program.

This "face lift" included trying to eat "clean."  I've been reading Tosca Reno's books, and I've been learning a lot, but as anyone who has tried to amend their eating habits knows, that it's not only difficult in the beginning, but it's SUPER difficult in the beginning when you're on vacation.

I've been doing my best; I've been ordering fish "dry" in restaurants, I brought a lot of my own foods, particularly breakfast ones, so I can start my day off right (that way I'm more likely to stick to my Clean plan), and I've been working out.  Hopefully when I get back and see my trainer, he won't be too disappointed in my, maybe he'll even be proud of me...who knows!

Photo by Style Blueprint 

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