Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A New Beginning

So how else to start my "new life" as a nurse than by starting a blog to document all the changes that are happening in my life.

So, a little background, I suppose is required...

I've had a couple of blogs in my day; one was supposed to be strictly nursing-related, documenting my journey through nursing school, the highs and lows, etc., and I found myself feeling guilty if I wanted to post something that wasn't nursing-related.  I felt limited, so I removed that blog and created one on Posterous.  I used the same blog name, but found that it was too niche-d, and I felt like I should still be posting about nursing, when all I really wanted to do was post a photo of some random street mime covered in blue goo...so I think I'm going to abandon that as well. 

This site will encompass all aspects of my life, from the random photos I snap, to revelations in my daily relationships, to my search for a job, and hopefully some of my more amusing (but completely HIPPA-proof) "war-stories."

I'm glad you've stopped by...enjoy the ride!

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