Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day Two

So today I tried something new!  I attended the first of a two-day advanced cardiac life support class, or ACLS.

It was actually quite exciting!  Yesterday I completed a adult cardiac rhythm identifican online class to help me recognize the various cardiac arrhythmias, and today I learned how to treat them.  The class is taught by paramedics, who I admire immensely, as I've worked with them in my EMT days, and their skill levels are off the charts!  It helped that one of them was seriously attractive too...but that's another issue altogether.

Anyway, it was a really great day, and I feel like I learned a lot.  It also felt like I was learning real skills.  It's hard to describe, but it felt completely different from when I learned things in nursing school.  Perhaps that's because my fellow classmates are, for the most part, already nurses, some who have been RNs for the past 20+ years.  I can't exactly put my finger on it, but it felt good.  Oh, and I learned to intubate today too! It's a lot harder than it looks, those vocal cords are tricky little suckers!

Now, I must get back to my ACLS book so I can pass the more thing to add to my resume.  God I hope I find a job soon!

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