Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Got a Job!

It's finally happened...

It may have taken 5 months, but I finally found an RN job.  To make it even better, I found my dream job!  I will be working in the Emergency Department at a major hospital in an urban area of New Jersey.  I'll be working 11 am - 11 pm, which is the perfect shift for me.  I know that 11-11 is going to be a crazy shift, busy from start to finish, but I won't be getting up at 5 am, so despite being exhausted, I won't feel like death all the time, getting up and going to be in the dark.

I'm starting on January 9th, so I will still have a little mini-vacation in St. Thomas over Christmas.  It'll probably be the last Christmas that I'll be heading to the Caribbean for a while, so I best enjoy it while I can.

I've decided to switch to part-time for school; still progressing with my nurse practitioner, just at a slower pace.  At this rate, I'll be graduating in May 2014.  I'll be taking a course over the Winterum semester, so a 13-week course condensed into 3 weeks.  It'll be intense, but I'll get through it, it will just require me to take a text book to the beach.

The background check is done, physical, drug test and pharmacology exam next week...

Photo courtesy of Destination Hollywood


  1. If by "urban N.J." you mean "Camden", don't forget your bullet proof scrubs.

  2. Not quite as bad as Camden, but still urban nonetheless...Perhaps I should just revert to wearing the lead aprons when walking to and from my car...


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