Friday, October 21, 2011


Have I ever mentioned before how much I hate getting sick??

This recent bout with illness has proven frustrating though.  Today is day 4 of feeling like crap, but I can't quite place what is wrong with me.  Every day my symptoms change.  It started with right ear pain, and right throat pain, which then progressed into swollen lymph nodes and neck pain, which then migrated back up into my throat, and today has caused itchy eyes, a runny nose, and a cough.

8 weeks into my first semester of my family nurse practitioner, and I'm unable to draw a conclusion as to what I have - BECAUSE MY BODY CAN'T MAKE UP ITS MIND!!

...and therefore, I can't figure out how to treat it.  Sooo...I'm not.  I'm taking Aleve every 12 hours for the various moving pain, and hoping for the best.

Only problem is that a friend of mine is getting married tomorrow, and I want to be able to dance around and drink and have fun, when in reality, I was in bed at 7:15 tonight, and I wish I could just sleep through the whole weekend.  The 5 hours I spent in the car battling traffic on I95 didn't help either...but at least I made it to the greater Boston area in one piece

Well, off to bed now, hoping that tomorrow brings less annoying symptoms/relief (hopefully!!)...ah that king size bed is calling my name!!

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